July 1, 2016

Setting up Square Payment with Squarespace for your E-Commerce

We have knowledge customizing and setting up Squarespace E-Commerce websites.

Squarespace is a powerful tool, yet as with most 3rd Party E-Commerce solutions, they continue to be time-intensive and still host a learning curve which can be frustrating. Save your time and save your money before diving into this extensive project.

Considering Squarespace? Awesome, great choice. They also offer tons of fantastic templates and customer service. However, don’t let it get you banging your head up against the wall. We’ll set you up, walk you through it and still be here for any questions. Look forward to how you can blog, social media stream, send a newsletter – not toil over hours and hours of tutorials.

Squarespace offers:

Unlimited Products
Squarespace Website with Integrated Galleries and Blogs
Mobile-Optimized Website and Checkout
Free Custom Domain
with annual purchase
24/7 Support
Powerful Commerce Metrics Professional Email from Google
$100 Adwords Credit
Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, and Contributors
Inventory, Orders, Tax, Discounts
Label Printing via Shipstation
Integrated Accounting via Xero
Abandoned Checkout Autorecovery
Real Time Carrier Shipping