July 1, 2016

3rd Party E-Commerce Integrations

What is Third Party E-Commerce? 

There are companies that host your website on their servers to offer a bevy of tools to sell online. You don’t have to host their product, and that can be worth it’s weight. Teaming up with a 3rd Party to handle your online credit card process, drop ship orders, invoicing, image management is a good idea. On top of having back-end utilization, they deliver those slick widgets that are expected in an e-commerce website. Zooming photos, color swatches, video, comments, product reviews – everything.  They also offer the first month free, which will be used for development. There are three that we seem to navigate to based on business needs.  Check them out below:


Shopify is powerful and has everything you need to sell online, except the time to learn it’s massive amount of features. It is easy to load, plug and play and get started, however getting your online shop be perfect can be frustrating.  Shopify integrates with apps like Ordoro, Inventory Source, and eCommHub, making it easy to set up your dropshipping business. Shopify wins if you have a large amount of inventory and multiple SKUs. There are over 2,000 apps like Mailchimp, Xero Accounting, and Kit, that seamlessly integrate with Shopify to help you grow and scale your business. Click here for the Apps on Shopify


Squarespace Commerce supports multi-dimensional product variants (size, color, weight). They do not limit your number of SKUs but looking at their interface it’s very clear that their inventory management is built for small stores. This is a good solution for people selling a few different products. It’s lush in design elements make it very easy to create a slick looking website.  Integrated with PayPal and Stripe for transactions, small business really flock to SquareSpace.


The Bigcommerce features all start with the website builder, since it allows for beautiful, responsive designs, without knowing much about web design. The system allows users to add and manage products without any problems, and accept payments through a wide variety of options. Big Commerce is powerful.

Customized shipping is a must-have for most vendors, and Bigcommerce has all of that. The flexible tax system and dropshipping features ensure that you don’t have to shift around your business model just because of your ecommerce system. They have built native integrations with the best payment platforms in the industry, including PayPal powered by Braintree, Square, Adyen, Stripe, Authorize.net and Klarna.

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WooCommerce for WordPress websites

Yes, it’s Free. WooCommerce is an open source platform that is free to download and you host on your server. But since it runs best on a WooTheme, keep in mind that you may end up paying for a design template.

If you are already hosting your own website, that expenditure will greatly reduce the cost of operating WooCommerce. However, be sure to factor in other costs, such as integrating payment processors such as PayPal. 

Woo Commerce is great if you want to get your feet wet with customized E-Commerce.